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1987 cricket world cup Australia v England Highlights

The 4th edition of the world cup quite different from previous once because this time it was known as the Reliance cup 1987. It was held from 8 October to 8 November 1987. There are two major changes in this tournament. The 1st change was the host country had changed for the 1st time. Previous tournament were held in England as host country but this tournament held in India and Pakistan which was the 1st tournament held in outside England. Not only that, but also number of overs also reduced in to 50.
         But the number of Participants teams and matches didn’t change. As the previous one this tournament consisted 8 teams and 27 matches. And all the matches were played in day time.
         Australia, Pakistan, England and India selected for Semi Finals and Australia and England became fortunate to Qualified for the finals. Finals was dated to 05 November in Eden gardens, Calcutta, India. Therefore the 1st time Australia won the cup defeating England by 7 runs.

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