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1979 cricket world cup final England v West Indies

1979 cricket world cup

The second world cup also known as the prudential cup 79’ because of its sponsorship. It was held from 9 to 23 June 1979 again in England as host of the tournament.  This tournament was similar in many ways to the previous world cup. Format remains unchanged and overs also 60 per team. Not only that but also participants also 8 as previous tournament with 15 matches to play.

For the Semi Finals England, New Zealand, West Indies and Pakistan were selected and among them England and West Indies qualified for the finals. Once again West Indies was fortunate to won the world cup for the second time defeating England by 92 runs in lords, England. There England became defeated in their homeland. 

When we consider about the overall of the tournament we can see that most parts of the tournament were same to the previous tournament.

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